ITR Review and Filing

Annual Income Tax Return Review and Filing

Income tax in non-Direct Tax jurisdictions like the GCC is a complex matter involving Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) and other international tax issues. IT returns must be reviewed to both ensure compliance while maximizing savings for your company. Computing taxable income requires in-depth knowledge and rich and diverse experience to extract benefits that are often missed otherwise. Filing returns across jurisdictions is a cross-border challenge needing careful handling.

At MBG Corporate Services, our team of tax experts have the required depth and breadth of experience across multiple geographies and sectors and can help you through the process with:

  • Review and drafting of tax Computation of income (COI) as per the country’s income tax laws considering the beneficial and relief provisions under applicable DTAAs such as lower rates, exclusions, foreign tax credit, etc.
  • Advice on the allowances and disallowances to be made while drafting tax COI
  • Assistance on filing of income tax returns and engaging a licensed tax auditor

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