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Consolidation and Reporting

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Enhancing operational reporting efficiency

Multinational organisations require information divided into regional or hierarchical levels for management purposes, or to comply with local regulatory bodies. Operational and economic figures should be reported to the management to be compared against budgets and estimates.

Consolidation and Reporting have always placed heavy demands on businesses. But they also need to be carried out with limited resources, or else it can put the entire operation at risk. This where someone with expertise and experience can help.

MBG Corporate Services has a whole team of Consolidation and Reporting experts to help organisations improve the quality of the reporting packages sent by local entities.

We use our expertise to automate most of the Consolidation and Reporting process and train your employees to integrate new entities without putting the whole process at risk. We can help you to reduce dependency on specific employees while creating a way to spread awareness and document the entire consolidation process.

By opting for our expert team for your Consolidation and Reporting needs, you can coordinate between or merge your business and financial consolidation processes, optimize and reduce overheads, and save time on your operations.

We can help you with:
  • Strengthening local and central teams
  • Business process transformation
  • Pre- and post-transaction integration support
  • Improving regulations, IT systems and achieve fast close
  • Project and change management
  • Executing, outsourcing, developing and administering your reporting processes
  • Providing help in implementation tools
  • Scoping project performance and results

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