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Organisational Transformation

Redefining purpose with a strategic vision

Current market trends are very susceptible to sudden changes. Factors like legal regulations, technology and stakeholder demands are constantly changing and they necessitate transformation in organisations across industries. Businesses, thereby, are constantly seeking simple, innovative ways to align their operations and business models with these ever-changing factors.

Whatever the cause for change, you need fundamental transformation strategies that can enhance your business’s strategic vision and decision-making capabilities, while being easy to implement. MBG Corporate Services can make these changes happen efficiently.

1. Project and Program Management

Program management helps businesses make better decisions, drive innovation, solve challenging problems, and provide enduring results. Integrated seamlessly with business transformation, it tames the chaos of large programs and turns strategy into sustainable value.

At MBG, we help you align resources and activities to meet organizational objectives, maximize portfolio potential and reduce risk. Our advisory operates at every stage of the journey, optimizing all project phases with emphasis on efficiency throughout.

Our highly qualified consultants help you successfully manage transformation programs, complex projects, and the impact of change.

2. Change Management Consulting

To thrive in these challenging fast-paced times, organization needs to ensure that both they and their employees are adapting to and embracing change. Organizations that excel at change management drive innovation and achieve faster growth and higher shareholder returns. Most importantly, they continue to reinvent themselves in the face of change and achieve sustained competitive advantage.

At MBG, we have extensive experience in delivering successful change management across a variety of programs: entity wide transformations, organization change, technology implementation and work culture transformation. We also deliver agile programs and change management across a portfolio of programs.

3. Sustainability and CSR

Market success today requires companies to be responsible for their ecological and social footprint. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are important business imperatives for a business to grow in these challenging times. Successful CSR strategies help businesses position themselves as sustainable and socially responsible brands – a proven modern pathway to lower resource costs and higher profitability.

At MBG, the approach at our comprehensive CSR consulting practice is to embed sustainability within core business strategy. We thereby enable our clients to meet CSR goals in alignment with their operations and budgets.

Our professionals can address the existing lapses in business management while strategising effective solutions for the internal and external factors driving transformation. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the potential for group-wide integration of selected organisational structures, systems and procedures. Our expertise can be leveraged to improve your board-level controls and optimize company resources.

4. Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a combination of cultural transformation and technical enablement that allows a business to best achieve its strategic objectives. Companies that use it effectively to address opportunities and threats in a customer centric manner hold market advantage and deliver superior stakeholder value.

At MBG, we help orient your business strategy, operating model and people and processes around customer value and needs. We collaborate with you to improve your operations and optimize key capabilities and value streams to achieve desired outcomes, driving value from changes in organization, location, process, technology and sourcing.

5. Organizational Health

Organizational health refers to an organization’s ability to function effectively and deliver high performance by coping successfully with change growing from within. Fast moving technological change and competitive pressures demand that companies house a skilled talent pool within an agile and adaptable organizational structure.

Organizational health impacts both people and business performance. It needs to be monitored and worked upon through maximal employee engagement and talent retention.

At MBG, we help clients optimize their organizational health through consulting that combines operational and people insights with real-time diagnostics for a mapped pathway to high performance. We partner with clients to prepare for growth opportunities and uncertainties related to emerging technologies, industry dynamics, mergers and acquisitions, and workforce transitions.

6. Diversity and Inclusion

Navigating today’s complex and fast evolving disruptive world requires organizations to hire a talent base that matches its complexity and variability. To thrive, organizations need to unlock the power and potential of all talent.  An engaged and agile workforce based on diversity and inclusion is key. Organizations that invest in diversity attract better talent, foster more innovation and clock superior financial performance.

At MBG, we help clients define, develop, and implement inclusion and diversity strategies using a results-oriented approach that is grounded in their own talent and business priorities and based on data and analytics.

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