Changing the Login Account Registered with Federal Tax Authority (UAE)

The Federal Tax Authority has recently enabled the online facility to change the login account (email address) registered with the FTA Tax Portal. For businesses intending to change the login account, following supporting documents would be required:
  1. Signed and stamped Letter from Authorized Signatory of the company requesting the email change request and providing the details (name, email address, passport number etc.) of the old and new email holder.
  2. This letter must be on official company headed paper, include a company stamp and business contact details of the company.
  3. Copy of passport of the old and new email holder
  4. Copy of Emirates ID of the old and new email holder (if applicable)
After submitting the application, the FTA will review the request and take appropriate action within 5 business days. If the FTA requires any further details in order to process application, User will receive an email notification setting out the information required from you. When the request is approved, User will receive an email notification on the newly registered email address and your email will be updated in the system. Note: Once the new email address is updated in the FTA, User will no longer be able to login to the e-Services portal using their old email address. Please use the updated email address to login to eServices. If the user requires to change back to the old email address, they will be required to follow the same procedures above. Additionally, all the notifications related to the Taxable Person accounts associated with the account will be sent to the updated email address. Last Updated: 11th December 2018 This article is contributed by:  CA Priyanka Garg Assistant Manager, Taxation