Excise Tax Scenarios for Filling New Declarations and Forms

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) rolled out a new electronic system for registering excise goods and new reporting requirements related to excise tax returns and declarations to ensure the transparency and accuracy of every movement of excisable goods. FTA has created new declarations forms and these declaration forms need to be complied by the registered taxable person. Every registered person who imports excisable goods into UAE, produced in UAE, and released from/to designated zones will also have to comply with the tax procedures given by the authority. The main aim of below-mentioned forms is to keep an eye on the movement of the excisable goods and make the process more transparent. List of different declarations to be filed:-
No. Declaration No. Description
1 201 Excise goods that require custom clearance
2 202A Designated Zone Reporting
3 202B Producer Declaration
4 203A Local Purchase Form
5 203B Lost and Damaged Declaration
6 203C Transfer of Ownership within Designated Zone
7 203 Deductible Tax
8 204 Excise Tax Return
9 214 Voluntary Disclosure/ Tax Assessment
Please note that FTA has introduced this new excise tax reporting requirements and declarations on 16th August 2019. Please find attached excise tax User manual. Please get in touch with MB Group Team if in case you need any further discussion or detailed understanding, training, advice or any other related services. Download the Complete Information Here. CA Ajay Maru Tax Consultant

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