GCC Common Customs Law

Submission of Declarations and Associated Documents

As per the provisions of Law and Customs Notice No. 7/2010, all GCC importers, exporters, and agencies (except specifically exempted vide Custom Notice No. 15/2011) have to submit the customs declaration and original documents according to the nature of shipment within 14 days from the date of processing of declaration with the respective customer service centers. Moreover during the process, Dubai Customs may request the invoice and/or certificate of origin or any other document relating to customs operations at any stage of the customs clearance, or anytime during the above five-year, if requisite declarations and associated documents are not submitted then Dubai Customs may refuse to release the refund any customs duty or release the deposits placed as duty guarantee. Recent Issued Notice As per recently issued Customs Notice No. 1 of 2018 (enforced on 1 September 2018) The GCC importers and exporters in the following cases now will be required to submit the declarations and associated original documents at the customer service centers of the relevant customs offices (same were previously excluded by Customs Notice No. 15/2011).
  • Free zone internal transfer declarations
  • Free zone transit out declarations
  • Export declarations
  • Import for re-export declarations (Ship shore Ship / Air to Air)
  • Re-export declarations for foreign goods re-exported from the local market and not subject to cases where customs duties are suspended.
Further, with the Customs Notice No. 1/2018, the delayed fee has been reduced from AED 50 to AED 5 per day after the 14-day grace period to submit the documents. Recommendation All GCC importers and exporters exempted from filing declaration vide Custom Notice no. 15/2011 to ensure their import and export compliance by adherence to the new guidelines. Contact Us to know more. Last Updated: 18th December 2018 This article is contributed by: Amit Mehta Assistant Director

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