New Visa and Work Regulations announced by the UAE Cabinet

UAE Visa Amnesty Programme 2018 The UAE has initiated an amnesty programme for visa violators and illegal residents in the UAE. The programme covers the violations before 1 August 2018. The programme has offered the choices to residents who have overstayed illegally to either normalize their stay or leave the country without the need to pay any fines. The Amnesty 2018 is set to last from 1st August till the end of October 2018 The amnesty programme will cover:
  • Violators who reside in the UAE illegally – The programme will grant them a grace period to settle their status or to leave the UAE voluntarily without any legal consequences or fines.
  • Overstaying job seekers – They can obtain a six-month self-sponsored temporary visa. Job seekers will have an opportunity to look for employment by registering in the virtual job market available on the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Those who entered the country illegally – They will be given amnesty by exiting the UAE with a two-year ban.
  • People with absconding reports – They can apply for amnesty and leave the country without a ban.
  • Nationals of countries suffering from wars and disasters – They will be given a residence visa for one year, regardless of their residency conditions.
  • Widows or divorced women – Their visa and their children’s will be extended for one year without the need for a sponsor.
  Exemption for Children of Tourists under the age of 18 from Visa Fee Children of tourists, under the age of 18 visiting UAE will be exempted from visa fee, during the summer season from July 15th to September 15th of each year UAE. The new law came in support of family tourism and to reduce the cost on visitors in the holiday season. The Cabinet’s decision reflects the UAE’s position in the global tourism sector as a prime destination attracting visitors and families from all over the world. The number of passengers traveling through the country’s airports reached 32.8 million passengers during the first quarter of this year. Visitors come to the UAE to enjoy hotels and tourism services, with a number of festivals and activities happening throughout the year. The decision of the Cabinet goes in line with the growth of the tourism sector in the country following the exemption of transit tourists from visa fees for the first 48 hours. New Decree allows UAE’s School Pupils to work Part-time during Holidays School pupils aged 15 and above will have the opportunity to work paid part-time jobs during holidays following the issuance of a decree by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Minister Nasser Al Hamli issued the decree outlining the terms under which an eligible pupil can be employed by a private sector company. Pupils can work for up to three months at a time, but that this period could be extended in exceptional cases. Prior to their employment with a company, a contract must be drawn up in accordance with the Ministry’s new regulations. The contract should include the pupil’s salary, number of working days and daily working hours. Seven conditions must be met before a pupil can undergo training and/or become employed, according to the decree. The conditions include written approval from the employer, consent of the pupil’s guardian, a copy of the pupil’s Emirates ID, proof of status as a pupil and a valid visa for non-Emiratis. A certificate of no objection from the school is also needed, as is a certificate of good health.