Accounting Closure Assistance

Optimising the accounting closing process

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) work under immense pressure to deliver fast and reliable reports to the management and the company’s stakeholders. Furthermore, they are expected to act as business partners and proactively support the senior management with critical decision-making.

Accounting Closure marks the end of an accounting period, which is the period of time covered in a company’s financial statements. Usually, the accounting period is 12 months. Since the financial and business processes are so closely interlinked, accounting specialists play a critical role in enhancing the Accounting Closure process and business performance.

At MBG Corporate Services, we can offer you assistance with every aspect of the Accounting Closure process across a myriad of sectors in the UAE. We review your current closure process, identify the loopholes and re-design a streamlined process suitable for the future. Our integrated approach ensures a reduction in errors through high-quality financial reporting to meet the requirements of the management, regulatory bodies and shareholders.

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