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In UAE courts, the right of audience is reserved solely for UAE national advocates. Accordingly, a UAE local lawyer requires to be engaged in order to fight a case in the Civil & Criminal Courts in the UAE. MBG Corporate Service manages the case with the UAE local lawyer to ensure that the legal aspects and intricacies of the matter are tackled efficiently with the most commercially viable and strategic solutions. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that the legal court process and documentation activities are managed without any hassles.

We help you in handling the pressure of keeping pace with the changing regulatory landscape by liaising with lawyers from local law firms to ensure that cases are efficiently managed on your behalf. With a blend of field-tested commercial strategies and a thorough analysis of the legal aspects involved, we ensure that the most fruitful outcome is achieved for your business interests. Our legal partners put forward tailored solutions that ensure the local law firms promptly file the legal notices, complaints, applications, written submissions and appeals.

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