Corporate Governance & Entity Level Controls Documentation

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate Governance refers to the system of rules, resolutions, policies, and practices that are put in place for an Organization to be directed and controlled.

It essentially involves balancing the interests of a company’s many senior management profiles, customers, stakeholders, financiers, community, and the government.

It also provides a framework for attaining a company, objectives, and covers every sphere of management, from action plans to performance management.

Why is an Effective Corporate Governance Advisory required?

Effective Corporate Governance/Entity Level Controls & Policies enhances greater transparency and more effective decision making and further generates more value for shareholders. It curbs any kind of mismanagement of operations, procedures, or resources. It improves capital access, safeguards stakeholders, and mitigates risks. 

A lack of corporate governance can lead to losses, tarnished image, and corruption. This form of CGM is also designed to limit risks and eliminate the elements that may be corrosive to the business.

MBG offers the following Corporate Governance Consulting/Advisory Services:

Our Corporate Governance Advisory Services include drafting of the below-mentioned policies and related validations, adherences at the operation level.

  • Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct varies hugely from one organization to another, depending upon the nature of their business. It is a codified set of standards for every corporation to adhere to. We help you design a proper Corporate Code of Conduct to help minimize risks & enhance returns. This helps you build a great public image as well.
  • Business Partner Selection: Strategic alliances and partnerships deliver significant benefits to the organization by increasing your company’s valuation in the market. We assist you in the process by checking if your potential partnerships are compatible enough for you if your goals and strategies align with them, and what could be the possible risks in the partnership, to name a few.
  • Compliance Business Responsibility Policy: Business Responsibility Policy is a disclosure of adoption of responsible business and operation practice by a company to all its stakeholders. This is mandatory for all companies and should comply with SEBI guidelines. A company’s BPR is meant to be submitted to the government along with its annual report. MBG’s work here involves ensuring that these guidelines are framed, met, and addressed responsibly. We take up the job for you and do most of the framework so that your focus can be on the operations part.
  • Whistle Blower Policy: Any misconduct, malpractice, or dishonesty reported by an employee against another employee or the company, upon being noticed with substantial evidence or valid suspicion is called the whistleblower policy. By framing proper guidelines, you encourage employees to report matters without the risk of substantial victimization or disadvantage.
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy: The purpose of this policy is to prevent sexual harassment. It lays down certain codes of conduct for men and women to follow regarding what could fall into the category of harassment. This is important to ensure the safety of the employees and a healthy work environment.

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