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May 26, 2021

Covid 19’s impact on both lives and businesses is obvious. The second wave in India has devastated lives, and its impact on business, while less than last year, is also significant. As the RBI notes, there is a demand shock in the economy in the form of loss of mobility, lower employment and discretionary spending, and inventory accumulation. Moreover, the future looks riddled with many unknown variables.

Covid 19: how our advisory services can help

Indian businesses today face three key challenges:  addressing revenue shortfalls from the downturn, managing  operations in a physically constrained environment, and planning for an uncertain future. Working with specialized Management Consulting in Covid 19 times therefore assumes ever greater importance:  high quality strategic and operational advice is critical for mitigating risks, maximizing new opportunities, and staying competitive.

At MBG Corporate Services, we have launched special Covid 19: Advisory Services / Covid 19: Consulting Services for Risk and Transaction Advisory Services (RTAS) and Assurance Services. This covid business consultancy support suite of services covers all key aspects of your business during these times: from managing supply chain risk and disruption , process engineering, remote environment management, and optimizing costs  to management support and Covid 19: Consulting Services for leaders and financial reporting. Our domain experts with their rich and varied cross-industry experience of Consulting During Covid 19 will help you navigate this challenging pandemic landscape and future proof your company with a ‘Business Consulting Post Covid’ approach.

Our list of Advisory Services / Consulting Services is as follows. 


  • Cost Optimization: Identifying cost saving opportunities to realign process economics, reengineer processes and  restructure business model to reboot costs.
  • Supply Chain Assessment: Robust framework across material, financial and information flows to solve for disruptions to supply, operations, customer demand, finance, IT, and logistics.
  • Development and Assessment of Controls in Remote Working Environments: Control frameworks to maximize assurance on reliable remote working and operations.
  • Business Process Reengineering: Solutions for maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost, based on identified gaps from in-depth analyses of current processes and subprocesses.
  • Market Entry and Business Feasibility: Comprehensive viability study and market research on all aspects, from opportunity spotting and evaluation  to a Go/No Go recommendation
  • Partner Search: Best-fit partner shortlisting and final selection from an extensive database of companies evaluated for specific requirements based on size, financials and other KPIs
  • Business Continuity Planning:  An 8-step methodology to counter disruption- mapping out critical functions, downtime limits, resumption plans, testing, staff training and more.
  • Business Continuity Risk Management: Covid SOPs, documentation reviews, Health Checks, 3rd Party risk assessment, cash and solvency reviews, accounts reconciliations and credit controls.


  • Management Support:  Ensuring service continuity, providing advisory, and delivering real time professional support with accounting, accounting reviews, financial closure, and audit services.
  • Managing Financial Reporting Challenges:  MBG proprietary reporting tools to prepare financial statements, audit schedules, accounting position memorandum, and other reports and audit finalization, all based on comprehensive process set up and Covid 19 impact diagnosis

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