News Alert: SEBI Circular and New Dates of Re-functioning of NCLT, New Delhi Bench

October 16, 2020
New dates for re-functioning of NCLT, New Delhi Bench post lockdown

The regular proceedings at NCLT New Delhi Bench were stopped immediately after the lockdown was announced on 24-03-2020.

The NCLT has earlier decided and scheduled the dates of hearings for the Principal Bench and for all its New Delhi Benches (Court No. II, III, IV, V & VI) effective from 15-06-2020 which was re-notified to be effective from 01-07-2020, 20-07-2020, 05-08-2020, 20-08-2020, 07-09-2020, 29-09-2020 and 12-10-2020.

However, NCLT has now decided that all matters listed for 12-10-2020 onwards shall now be heard 02-11-2020 onwards.

All stakeholders are requested to take note of the same. The complete text of the notice may be viewed at this link

SEBI Circulars  Extension of facility for conducting extraordinary meeting(s) of unit holders of Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) through Video Conferencing or Other Audio - Visual Means (VC/OAVM) (October 08, 2020)

SEBI issued Circular to extend the facility for conducting extraordinary meetings of unit holders INVIT’s and REIT’s through video conferencing or other audio-visual means under the InvIT Regulations and REIT Regulations. The InvITs or REITs were permitted to conduct meetings of unit holders through VC or OAVM. SEBI had received representations for extending the facility of VC or OAVM for conducting extraordinary meetings of unit holders for some more time due to the pandemic. Therefore, SEBI has decided to extend the timeline for this purpose till December 31, 2020 from September 30, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For details: Last updated: 15/10/2020 Article contributed by: Munesh Gaur Senior Associate MBG Corporate Services

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