Urgent VAT Registration Amendment Notification

Urgent Notice Email Sent by FTA to Taxable People for updating their Expired Documents

Following Email is being sent to all Taxable Persons Registered with FTA: Dear Registrant, TRN XXXXXXXXXXX ABC LLC Greetings from Federal Tax Authority, This is to bring to your kind attention that your VAT application needs to be amended as the below-mentioned document(s) are either missing or expired. You are kindly requested to amend/provide the following documents within 5 working days to avoid any difficulties during your fillings or imposing of relevant penalties:
  • List of Expired Documents
Please find attached guide for VAT Amendment: https://www.tax.gov.ae/pdf/VAT-User-Guide_English_V0.7.0_User-amendments.pdf Please review all other information and update any fields where details have changed since you registered. Kind regards, Federal Tax Authority To comply with the same, all the Registrants needs to keep their renewed documents such as Trade License, Emirates ID, Passport Copy of Manager, Updated Power of Attorney, etc. and apply for VAT Registration Amendment. To simplify the process, it would be suggested that, All the documents which are submitted in the Original VAT Registration Application should be downloaded and then open the tab for Amendment. In the Amendment, the old documents which have not yet expired should be uploaded as it is and new / renewed documents should be uploaded and relevant details in the same should be updated accordingly. After Submitting the VAT Registration Amendment Application, FTA will review the same and either approve or request for any further clarification/documents required by them. Know more about our VAT services. Last Updated: 14th January 2019 This article is contributed by: Gautam Sainani Internal Auditor, Internal Audit

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