Forensic Audit, Fraud Investigation, and Detection Services

Forensic Audit, Fraud Investigation, and Detection Services

Managing incidents of fraud

Companies seek forensic accountants to investigate and bring out the truth of rising fraud risks. MBG Corporate Services delivers value-added Forensic Audit and Fraud Investigation services across various sectors to help clients manage incidents of fraud and drive value.

Our expertise in forensic accounting and risk management enables us to assist clients in detecting misconduct and investigating complex situations when there is a suspected act of fraud. With multi-domain experience, our professional forensic investigators conduct fraud risk assessments. Thereafter, by leveraging forensic technology, we devise a strategic plan to manage complex fraud risks and ensure smooth functioning of their business.

A volatile forensic scenario in markets mandates stakeholders to adopt proactive measures (plan, prevent and mitigate) to minimize resulting losses which are not protected in reactive measures. We recognize the growing needs of the organizations and have evolved to serve our clients a complete umbrella of forensic services through our 3-pronged approach Prevent, Diagnose, and Cure.

Types of Forensics: Corporate, Third Party, and Cyber frauds.

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