Audit Readiness

    Increasing financial efficiency while maintaining auditable statements

    Audits can uncover opportunities for agencies to evolve. They pave the way for a more efficient operational future. They are also important in the accurate reporting of financial information, as well as increasing the effectiveness of projects undertaken by the company. However, the lack of expert advice from qualified consultants can complicate external financial audits. This where MBG Corporate Services can help.

    Our Audit Readiness team comes with a wealth of experience in helping companies across the spectrum. We offer fresh perspectives, with solutions to address any challenge you might face in ensuring Audit Readiness. With timely responses to auditor requests, we help companies manage every step of the auditing process.

    We support you in improving your financial management processes and provide audit liaison services, including the required infrastructure support for audits. Companies can seek our assistance in both pre- or post-audit remediation efforts. Our experts can also aid companies to develop the necessary documentation to support audit requirements. We analyse your business transaction records and provide you with strategic advice to improve the accuracy of your financial statements.

    As part of our Audit Remediation efforts, we can:
    • Assist in financial reporting activities
    • Develop the necessary documentation for audits
    • Support your overall financial management
    • Implement remediation efforts identified pre- or post-audit
    • Offer audit liaison services like infrastructure support, external auditor communications and specifying corrective action plans

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