Freezone & Mainland in Qatar

    Qatar has introduced the Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) to encourage foreign investment and business setup in certain designated areas. The QFZA aims to create economic zones with special regulations and incentives to attract businesses in specific sectors.

    Here’s a general overview of the distinction between mainland and potential free zone areas in Qatar:

    Mainland Business Setup:

    Local Sponsorship:

    For mainland business setup, it is typically required to have a local Qatari partner or sponsor who holds at least 51% ownership in the business. The foreign investor can own up to 49% of the business.

    Wider Market Access:

    Operating in the mainland provides businesses with the opportunity to serve the entire Qatari market without any geographical restrictions.

    Diverse Business Activities:

    Mainland businesses can engage in a wide range of commercial activities across various sectors.


    While local sponsorship is a requirement, the terms of the partnership are often negotiable between the parties involved.

    Free Zones (Qatar Free Zones Authority – QFZA):
    100% Foreign Ownership:

    One of the advantages of setting up in a designated free zone is that foreign investors can own 100% of their companies without the need for a local sponsor.

    Regulatory Autonomy:

    Free zones typically have their own regulatory frameworks, providing businesses with more autonomy and flexibility in operations.

    Industry-Specific Zones:

    QFZA is establishing free zones dedicated to specific industries, such as technology, logistics, and manufacturing. Each free zone may have its own set of rules and incentives tailored to the industry it serves.

    Tax Incentives:

    Free zones may offer tax incentives, exemptions, and other benefits to attract foreign investors.

    Ease of Doing Business:

    Free zones often streamline administrative processes and offer a business-friendly environment to attract international companies.

    It’s crucial to note that regulations and policies can change, and new developments may have occurred since my last update. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult with local business advisors, legal experts, or relevant government authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding business setup options in Qatar

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