Corporate Secretarial Services

    In Qatar, Corporate Secretarial Services encompass the administration of a company to ensure compliance with local laws, regulations, and codes of corporate governance. Effective communication between directors and stakeholders is crucial. Non-compliance can lead to significant consequences, including hefty fines and prosecution. MBG Legal Consulting, with its extensive experience, offers expert Corporate Secretarial Services tailored to meet the diverse requirements of each Free Zone and the Mainland in Qatar.

    Why Choose MBG’s Corporate Secretarial Services?

    High Stakes: Non-compliance can result in fines, director prosecution, blacklisting, and operational inefficiency.
    Multi-Layered Rules: Qatar’s regulations vary across Free Zones and the Mainland, making expert guidance essential.

    How MBG Can Help:
    Our large and expert Corporate Secretarial Service team acts as an extension of your business, providing comprehensive support, including:

    • Preparation of notices, agendas, resolutions, and minutes for Board and Shareholders’ meetings.
    • Sending notices and documents, conducting meetings as per legal requirements.
    • Trade license renewal services.
    • Documentation for changes in Directors.
    • Convening and holding Annual Shareholders’ Meetings.
    • Submission of notices, audited financial statements, and Board reports to the relevant government authority.

    Choose MBG Legal Consulting for meticulous Corporate Secretarial Services in Qatar, ensuring your company’s compliance, efficiency, and seamless operations.

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