Structuring Advisory

    Structuring Advisory

    A company’s structure is a key determinant of everything from operational performance to tax and legal implications. A good business structure reduces tax obligations and improves the ease and efficiency of compliance. Achieving that structure, however, means navigating through matters like geographical locations, the tax implications of holding entities, and entry and exit structures, to name just three of several issues, all of which become more intricate and more critical the more the company grows.
    Our tax experts at MBG Corporate Services help with :

    • Advice on compliant tax optimal structures for holding investments, e.g., local branch vs. subsidiary or local vs. overseas holding company, etc.
    • Tax implications of overseas country investments
    • Counsel on tax efficient entry and growth strategies and structures based on the work, project period, tax implications on entry, operations and repatriation and exit.
    • Opening offshore holding companies for assets and investments
    • Tax and regulations-based advice on investing and setting up business, both in- and outbound
    • Minimizing Permanent Establishment exposure for fund structures investing overseas

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