Entity Management

    Establishing or dissolving a business in Qatar involves a complex process that necessitates professional guidance and expertise with a profound understanding of local regulations governing entity creation and dissolution.

    Leveraging our robust global network of lawyers, company secretaries, and governance experts, we offer the legal acumen and critical assessment required for businesses to achieve their objectives through seamless business setup or liquidation.

    Our highly experienced specialists, representing your interests, acquire all necessary legal approvals and fulfill requirements throughout the entire Entity Management value chain. This ensures not only a better return on investment but also significant cost reduction.

    Key features of our Company Setup services include:

    • Conducting feasibility studies to comprehend requirements related to costs, licenses, and suitable entity structures.
    • Establishing the most appropriate legal entity in terms of corporate vehicle and location.
    • Offering advice on foreign ownership laws and distinctions between incorporating in a Free Zone or the Mainland.
    • Drafting essential legal documents for setup, including Articles of Association, Shareholders Agreements, Memorandum of Association, and Power of Attorney.
    • Obtaining all required governmental approvals.
    • Assistance in taking your company public and obtaining approvals from relevant government authorities.
    • Registering the company with the Ministry of Labour and Immigration Authority.

    With MBG Legal Consulting, your business benefits from a comprehensive approach to setup services, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and a smooth transition into the Qatar business landscape.

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