Advisory on Double Tax Avoidance

    Advisory on Double Tax Avoidance

    The process of double taxation involves two similar taxes imposed in two countries on the same taxpayer within the same tax base during the trade. It affects the exchange of goods, services, and capital, technology transfer, and trade across the border adversely. Qatar as well as the other emirates of UAE does not have an exhaustive or elaborate internal tax structure, in addition, it provides an exemption for Double Tax treatments.

    The UAE has a large network of tax treaties with almost 115 countries and also several countries are in the process. Having tax treaties with other countries, UAE companies and expatriates can have relief for taxation. In addition to such relief, tax treaties allow the Exchange of Information (EOI) between the countries. Similarly, other GCC Countries also have their respective networks of Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs).

    Public and private entities, investment and air transport firms, and other businesses operating in Qatar, as well as residents, benefit from these DTAAs. For availing these benefits, businesses need to have knowledge of specific treaty provisions, their implications, and also their advantages. Our global network of experts can guide you through the provisions and safeguard you by availing of tax treaty reliefs.

    Our tax experts at MBG Corporate Services help you through this process to take advantage of the DTAAs and understand all the exemptions for Double Tax treatments. Tax treaties also allow for a free exchange of information between the countries of our expertise, you can leverage this to serve your business interests. Tax treaties also allow a free exchange of information between geographies of our expertise, and you can leverage this to serve your business needs.

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