Financial Technoogy and legal due diligence

    Making risk-mitigated M&A decisions

    Be it uncovering insight into the financials of a company or evaluating the technology and cultural compatibility between the two parties, due diligence is an essential part of mergers and acquisitions.
    MBG’s Due Diligence offering enables clients to opt for the correct investment and buying decisions for both home-country and international mergers and acquisitions. MBG provides high quality scrutiny of the validity and correctness of the target firm’s reported financials, tax, legal, and technology.
    Our internationally experienced experts analyze the underlying risks of each transaction and remove our clients’ post-transaction risks with thorough investigations into their target companies.

    MBG’s due diligence covers:

    • Financials and Tax: Detailed examination of the business’s revenue stream and tax output, holistic SWOT review highlighting both concern areas and strong points, and bringing to light any potential deal-breakers.
    • Technology : Study of the target firm’s technological and technical capabilities and identifying potential risks. Highlighting any major software incompatibility is a major focus area.
    • Legal: Assessment of the seller firm’s legal affairs and position, in-depth legal consideration of the deal / transaction to identify any legal risks, and advice on mitigating possible conflict areas.

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