PRO Services

    Document Clearances:

    Efficient processing and clearing of various documents required for business operations, visas, and government approvals.

    Visa Processing:

    Streamlined visa services for employees, including new hires, renewals, and cancellations, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

    Work Permits:

    Assistance in obtaining work permits for expatriate employees, facilitating a smooth transition for your international workforce.

    Company Licensing:

    Expert support in obtaining and renewing business licenses, ensuring that your business operates within the legal framework.

    Trade Name Registration:

    Assistance in registering and securing trade names, a crucial step in establishing your brand presence in Qatar.

    Legal Document Attestation:

    Facilitation of the attestation process for legal documents, including certificates and agreements, ensuring their validity in Qatar.

    Government Liaison:

    Act as a liaison between your company and government authorities, ensuring effective communication and adherence to regulatory requirements.

    Corporate Bank Account Opening:

    Support in opening corporate bank accounts, simplifying financial processes and ensuring compliance with banking regulations.

    Immigration Services:

    Guidance on immigration policies and procedures, ensuring that your employees comply with all immigration regulations.

    Customs Clearances:

    Facilitation of customs clearances for imported goods, expediting the movement of goods through ports and borders.

    Employee Residency Services:

    Assistance in obtaining and renewing residency permits for your employees, supporting a smooth transition and continued legal stay in Qatar.

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