Litigation and Dispute Resolution

    In Qatar, commercial disputes are commonly resolved through the court system or arbitration. The country operates under a civil law system, except for certain Free Zones, and the judiciary follows an interrogative approach. Litigation is court-driven, with the responsibility for scheduling hearings, appointing experts, and granting relief resting with the courts.

    Legal disputes and litigation have the potential to disrupt business operations, tarnish reputations, and incur significant overhead costs.

    At MBG Legal Consulting, our seasoned litigation and dispute consultants offer timely insights and clarity to help manage risks and enhance business performance. Our expert team in Litigation and Dispute Resolution, boasting decades of experience, tailors unique and highly effective solutions for your specific situation.

    Upon reviewing documents, our experts advise on the optimal strategy for filing your case or recommend settlement approaches. We provide legal opinions after assessing the prospects of litigation, offering expert insights into civil or criminal litigation while coordinating interlocutory orders.

    Our skilled negotiators assist in negotiation, settlement discussions, mediation, and arbitration proceedings. Proficient in drafting legal notices, plaints, applications, counter applications, written submissions, appeals, cassation, execution applications, and related documentation, we ensure a comprehensive approach to dispute resolution.

    Through collaboration with local law firms, our case management team safeguards your interests during case filing and provides timely updates on its progress. Our experts represent you in negotiations, conferences, and briefings with senior counsels, defending clients in disagreements related to distribution agreements and assisting with civil cases for the recovery of dues and bounced cheque cases.

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