Private Equity, Debt & Equity Syndication

    Ensuring uninterrupted capital for uninterrupted growth

    Private Equity firms face the challenge of deploying capital amidst economic uncertainty and ever-changing stakeholder requirements.

    At MBG Corporate Services, our Private Equity, Debt & Equity Syndication services deploy provenly efficient and effective strategies to help our clients maximize capital and gain deeper insight into the nature of transactions.
    We offer bespoke and highly cost-effective solutions to help you structure transactions and ease the capital raising process. In addition to transactions-related services, we have expertise in portfolio management, deal origination, tax, and execution and exit planning.

    We help you exploit opportunities in lucrative environments and address the challenges of unfavorable market conditions with customized solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and insights enable you to design an effective capital structure that optimizes cash flow. We have a vast partnership network of private equity funds, banks, and financial institutions that businesses can tap into to identify investors or debt financiers.

    Our Private Equity, Debt & Equity Syndication services include:

    -Private Equity Funding including

    • Collateral Preparation
    • Investor Shortlisting
    • Commercial Term Sheet
    • Due diligence and closure

    -Debt Syndication includes services for

    • Growth Financing
    • Bridge Funding
    • Asset Financing etc.

    We help you with:

    • Project Identification and Feasibility
    • Risk Analysis
    • Financial Modeling
    • Evaluation of Funding options (senior/subordinate debt, venture debt, mezzanine finance etc.)
    • Negotiating terms sheet etc

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