Agreed Upon Procedures Management Reportings

Insightful reporting for better decision-making (Agreed Upon Procedures or AUP)

In order to understand the implications of critical strategic decisions, comprehensive reporting is necessary to set benchmarks, measure the metrics used to assess and monitor performance, and enable learning by creating a track record.

Our Management Reporting Process Services can help you answer many questions relevant to your business, including those about your most profitable customers, the right price of jobs, and your most and least productive staff. It can also enable you to chart out your quarterly revenue.

A robust Management Reporting system improves decision-making, management effectiveness, responsiveness to issues, as well as the efficiency of resources in the delivery of services.

Our personalised Management Reports and MIS services help our clients evaluate their daily business performance, facilitate faster decision-making and thereby achieve excellence.

Our Management Reporting services benefit you by:

  • Providing independent financial reports every month for the top management, beyond financial statements
  • Informing the management about financial performance, profitability, control environment, regulatory compliance obligations and taxes
  • Looking at issues from a commercial standpoint and reporting back to you periodically
  • Providing reports that act as an independent health check on the company’s operations
  • Outsourcing the MIS function and reports to trusted stakeholders

What can we help you achieve?

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