CFO Advisory Services

Why do organizations need CFO advisory ?

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and finance teams require assistance from time to time because they might face difficulties in financial reporting & accounting issues in their business periodically. If organizations plan to work on these by themselves, it may take a considerable amount of time & resources to sort through these issues.

CFO Services helps you in overseeing your controller staff and current bookkeeping, ensuring all procedures are taken care of through checks and balances to strengthen security and present accurate financial statements.

CFO Services also ensures that you use the correct and technically updated procedures to best operate your business.

How we help with CFO services in India

Our CFO services in India enable Finance Executives to achieve significant and sustainable improvement towards world-class performance through best practice-based analysis and advisory services.

MBG’s CFO advisory professionals help organizations improve and enhance the value of their financial management capabilities by providing deep insight into client organizations. By leveraging advanced technology, we help develop finance organizations that operate “better, faster, and cheaper”.

CFO service group has extensive experience in successfully implementing projects relating to almost all the key business factors. Our group professionals hold financial certificates in CA, MBA as well as IT and project management.

With our CFO advisory services, we add value in

  • Reducing operating costs;
  • Creating finance function shared service center;
  • Providing management with up-to-date reports for decision making;
  • Aligning employee motivation with corporate strategic objectives
  • Reorganizing the finance function to increase its efficiency
  • Reducing time spent on financial and management reports preparation

Our list of CFO Services in India:

1. Management Accounting and Reporting
This includes:

  • Auditing management reporting systems
  • Identifying opportunities for optimizing management reporting content and quality
  • Creating plans for developing and implementing methodologies for aligning management reporting with international financial reporting standards
  • Automating management reporting

2. Budgeting System Design and Implantation:
This includes:

  • Determining centers of financial responsibility and developing a financial structure;
  • Designing a budgeting forms album and budgeting model;
  • Describing in full budgeting policy and regulations for the budgeting process;
  • Developing a methodology for planning and an approach, taking into consideration the specifics of a business

3. Working Capital Optimization:
This includes:

  • Indicators of the need for working capital rehabilitation
  • Increase debt load
  • Growing overdue debt and decreasing rate of inventory turnover;
  • Differences between the dynamics of a company’s performance indicators and working capital changes

4. Profitability Management and Cost Management:
This includes:

  • Improving sales strategy based on a profitability analysis of various cost objects (clients, products, services, regions, and sales channels);
  • Planning and controlling how resources are used, identifying wasteful expenditure, and exploring opportunities for cost reduction without affecting core operations;

5. Financial Accounting Advisory Services:
This includes:

  • Revenue Recognition
  • Leases Accounting
  • Business Combination
  • Hedge Accounting
  • Outsourced Accounting Operations
  • Drafting Accounting Polices
  • Indian Accounting Standard/IFRS Convergence
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Internal and External Financial Reporting
  • Financial Restructuring and Restatements
  • Reporting and Disclosure

6. Finance Functions:
This includes:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Audit Preparation
  • Interim CFO/Controller
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Procure-To-Pay
  • Quote-To-Cash
  • Remediation/Controls Design
  • Strategic Cost Management

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