Design & Evaluation- IFC / ICFR

IFC and ICFR Services

(Internal Controls over Financial Reporting)

Design & Evaluation: Are You Ready to Deal with Future Business Uncertainties?

Statutory requirements (in India and across the globe) require companies to comply with provisions related to Internal Financial Controls (IFC), Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR), SOX, JSOX. Risk Control Matrix (RCM) is advised to use for documentation of risks & controls in a structured manner.

We all are currently living in extraordinary times where in Extreme disruption and uncertainty are common. In such times, organisations can stress at the very moment for normal working, data security, authenticated transactions & efficient output.

How MBG helps Strengthen Internal Controls:

  • Documentation & Revision of Controls
  • Testing of Controls
  • Remedial Planning & Recommendations
  • Remediation of Control Weaknesses
  • Implementation of Control Framework
  • Project Management/Outsourcing

Key Areas MBG Corporate Services Tackles for Increased Results:

  • Help in controlling weakness
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Cost Control Opportunities
  • Deviation from Best Practices
  • Procedural & Regulatory Non Compliance

Review Strategy:

  • Evaluate: Understanding existing processes, policies and other challenges of the control environment
  • Define: Defining internal control financial audit/Risk control matrix for compliance
  • Testing: Testing internal control systems to ensure drafted control matrix


  • Process Flows
  • Risk Control Matrix
  • Testing Results/Reports

Our IFC/ICFR Service Deck:- Internal Financial Control ( IFC) and Internal Controls over Financial Reporting

Our SOX/JSOX Service Deck:- Applicability of SOX and J SOX

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