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Accounting Advisory Services

Increasing accuracy and delivering fast and efficient reporting

At MBG Corporate Services, our proven methodology and professional experience have been helping organisations streamline their Accounting processes for nearly two decades. We are empowering brands to achieve quality reporting with fewer resources. We have enabled companies to achieve faster closure rates by documenting and evaluating their current closure processes and identifying the gaps and deficiencies between different sub-processes that end up invariably extending timelines.

Our team of experts manages the data by analysing the client’s financial processes and identifying weaknesses in the master data and data-entry processes. We provide solutions on how to maintain internal controls, by identifying the effectiveness of key controls in the accounting process.

Our service methodology involves assisting clients in every aspect of the accounting closure process — from initial scoping to project execution and finalisation.

We also help with project and change management, so that you can capitalise on the benefits of enhancing your internal processes.

Our Accounting Advisory Services include:

  • Preparation and maintainence of books of accounts as per applicable framework
  • Continuous communication with suppliers, customers and capital providers
  • Coordination with teams at remote locations – units/plants
  • Accounting advisory on complex accounting issues
  • Support in Management reportings to the group companies as per the group accounting policies or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Preparation of group accounting package as per group guidelines

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