Forensic Technology Solutions

Organizations brace themselves for heightened understanding of the IT infrastructure accompanied by seamless collection, analysis and preservation of digital evidence. Corporates require reliable   forensic   technological   practices for   identification, extraction,   preservation, analysis and production of electronic data.

Data Systems are structured to meet business objectives; however they are not designed to respond to incidents necessitating requirements of data preservation, analysis and production. It is important to manage vast amounts of electronic data, minimize risks in gathering digital evidence and cover exposure towards costly litigations.

Our forensic technology model provides assistance to Clients in addressing the requirements of today’s complex investigations and litigation environments.

We assist Client counsels, law firms and attorneys in meeting the challenges associated with seamless data extractions including retrievals of accidental or intentional or altered deleted data from systems and workstations.

In accordance with forensic best practice methods, we can assist you in strategically collecting documents from electronic sources including laptops, computer workstations, mobile devices, live -archival email systems and Cloud system.

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