Corporate Intelligence

The dynamics of business environment across the globe are susceptible to high risks. With growing focus on regulations, it is important to be conscious of all the facts prior to any association with entities.

Relationships with any third party without conducting a robust background checks can result in exposure to bribery & corruption risks, frauds, legal risks, reputational losses, economic damages, financial losses, and in some cases, subsequent termination of business.

It has become imperative for organizations to leverage local offices and multilingual data sources to build a robust and comprehensive due diligence framework. The focus should be on risk-based Know Your Customer (KYC) process to avoid any legal/ regulatory implications.

Our Business Intelligence service helps in gathering information on specific entities (individuals/entities) and highlight significant red-flags that can adversely impact the business and reputation of an organization.

Our diversified range of corporate due diligence services include:

– Corporate background verification
– Pre Investment due diligence
– Pre Borrowing due diligence
– Third Party Due diligence
– Integrity due diligence
– Executive/ Senior Management Due Diligence

We can provide Integrity Check services on any prospective business relationships for entities in the following situations:

– New Customer acquisitions
– Investing in a new business
– Business Amalgamations or mergers
– Entering into a strategic business alliance or joint venture association
– Hiring employees and appointing senior management personnel
– Recruiting new vendors, dealers, suppliers, franchisees or distributors
– Venturing into market operations

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