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Authorised Economic Operator Programme (AEO Programme)

Facilitations to Importers & Exporters for safer and easier supply chain

Administered by the Customs Department (CBEC), the Indian Authorised Economic Operator Programme (or AEO Programme) is a voluntary programme that applies to all business entities that participate in global supply chain. Entities that meet pre-determined compliance standards are certified as an AEO and enjoys customs facilitation like deferred payment of duty, reduced examination & priority treatments, 24X7 clearances, delivery of goods directly from wharf to warehouse, minimal intervention for compliant trade, reduction or waiver in Bank Guarantees, higher facilitation than Accredited Client Programme and much more.

The Authorised Economic Operator Programme (or AEO Programme) provides businesses with an internationally recognized security standard, promotes an AEO certified entity as a “secure” and “reliable” trade partner. The Authorised Economic Operator Programme (or AEO Programme) incentivizes AEO entities with defined benefits that translate into savings in time & costs thereby enhancing business competitiveness.

Our Indirect Tax advisors at MBG Corporate Services hold expertise in dealing with department and make available on client’s requirement Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 AEO statuses by offering to our client the services:

  • in applying for grant of AEO status;
  • To self-assess its readiness to get AEO certificate in terms of CBIC requirements;
  • Represent in the meeting between entity & AEO specialist;
  • Clearing deficiency note, if any received from AEO team;
  • In removing shortcomings on specific issues.

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