Direct Tax

Direct Taxation Advisory Services

Direct Taxation Advisory Services

Taxes that are paid directly to the government are known as Direct Taxes. Direct taxes cannot be shifted onto others. Examples of direct taxes are Income Taxes.

Direct taxes are accompanied by tax return filings by the Tax Payer. The considerable increase in the ease of doing business in India has raised the optimism of making investments in the country.

The Direct Tax Services that MBG offers are:

  • Corporate Tax: Services under the Corporate Tax comply Tax Planning, Compliance, Controversy and Risk Management
  • International Tax: Extensive services for Inbound & Outbound Tax Services with a diverse expertise and global brand reach
  • Transfer Pricing: Transfer Pricing and Transfer Pricing (TP) Study & Solutions
  • Personal Tax: Personal tax affairs for Indian nationals to help maximize quality of life and plan an abundant future
  • Expatriate Tax: Consultation, planning & compliance are key requirements of global workforce- we try to do that complicated task for you and assist you throughout

Our experts under direct taxation offer a plethora of taxation services- tax advisory, tax litigation, compliance and regulatory services to help you through complex business matters. All the above direct taxation services are customizable in both tax advisory and tax compliance spaces.

So, if you have any queries related to Direct Taxation, our taxation consultancy services are there to help you out.

Browse the below section to know more about other Direct Taxation Consultancy/Advisory Services.

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Our Direct Tax services include:

Health Check

Corporate Tax Services

International Tax Services

Transfer Pricing in India

Personal Tax Services Indian Nationals

Expatriate Taxation in India

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