Teaser & Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

Teaser & Confidential Information Memorandum Services

We help a company to sell their business and to have investment opportunities. The Teaser and Information Memorandum are the first major written description of the business your prospective buyer or investor will have, so it’s well worth investing considerable time and effort into making sure the right message is conveyed.

Teaser: Teaser is a summary of a potential investment proposal without mentioning the identity of the potential investee, in order to maintain the Company’s identity as confidential. It is a limited pages professional document that is used to introduce an acquisition or investment.

Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM): CIM is a document with detailed information about a business including its operations, financial statements, management team, and other data relevant to a prospective buyer.

A CIM typically covers (but not limited to) the following information about the Company:

– A brief overview and history of the Company;
– A description of how your Company operates including the detail about the products and services of the Company;
– A reason for selling the Company or the reason for the requirement of investment;
– A detail about the Company’ competitors, customers, suppliers including the highlight about the Company which makes you different in the market;
– A geographical representation of the Company;
– A descriptive representation about the stakeholders of the Company;
– Current, historical & future market standing;
– Current & historical financial standing including projection for the business going forward, such as profit forecasts;
– Exit / entry strategy for an investor.

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