Risk Management Support

Risk Management Support

All businesses are different in how they operate. But the end goal remains the same- to achieve the desired results. With the changing external & internal environment, businesses are under constant pressure to maintain the effectiveness of their processes and controls. Any failure in executing or managing critical operations can create business disruptions and expose to various risks. To mitigate these risks effectively, risk management support becomes essential.

Benefits of Risk Management Support Services:

  • Protect against errors
  • Meeting compliance standards
  • Enhancing accountability and increased communication
  • Helps clients and the company get the outcome they deserve
  • Helps team members & employees understand their roles
  • A good RMS empowers team members

What are the Risk Management Services MBG offers?

We provide a full range of Risk Management services, which address your Business & Process needs. This includes Process Documentation & Optimization, Process Implementation, and Compliance Testing.

1- Enterprise Risk Management Services: Insights about risks emerging from the process should be an important input to the organization’s strategic plan. MBG identifies the elements and works with you through the process. This involves Strategy, Risk Identification, Risk assessment, Risk Response, Communication & Monitoring.

The basic services for ERM that MBG Covers under this section are:

  • Business Strategy & Risk Coverage
  • Risk Data & Infrastructure
  • Measurement & Evaluation
  • Scenario Planning & Stress Testing

2- Business Continuity Planning Support: A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a document that maps how a business will continue to operate during an unplanned service disruption. It acts as a source of reference at the time of a business continuity event or crisis and the blueprint for strategy and tactics to deal with the event or crisis.

We cover 3 basic aspects of BCP support: 

  • High availability for processes so that business has access to applications regardless of local failures
  • Safeguarding Operations to keep things working even during a disruption
  • Disaster Recovery helps recover a data center at a different side if a disaster destroys the primary site

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