Custom Valuation And Assistance in SVB Investigation

Custom Valuation And Assistance in Special Valuation Branch (SVB) Investigation

Self-assessment system of import clearance was introduced back in 2011 by Customs Authorities to simplify import procedures and expedite import clearance.

Yet, importers, particularly multi-national companies, still face several issues while importing goods such as correct classification of goods, delays in Customs clearance and special valuation.

In cases where the Indian entity imports goods from its related parties located outside India, the Indian importer has to undergo an additional procedure commonly called as the Special Valuation Branch (‘SVB’) process.  In a nutshell, the Special Valuation Branch (SVB) is a unit of Customs department that specializes in investigating the transactions between the importer and supplier including features like relationship of importer and exporter etc.

What comes under Special Valuation Branch (SVB) Assessment:

The Special Valuation Branch (SVB) assesses

  • the transaction value of identical or similar goods with respect to sales to unrelated buyers in India
  • the deductive value of identical or similar goods or the computed value of identical or similar goods

Process followed under SVB Customs clearance can be extremely complex and time consuming. Thus, our team of professionals adopt a comprehensive approach to advise our clients in their import process right from the inception of the transactions itself.

Our experts offer full support to help clients in SVB Customs clearance. We help them in adopting correct approach and meeting all the compliances to reduce litigation with the Customs authorities and saving additional costs due to negative inspection report.

“Custom Valuation and Assistance in SVB Investigation” is one of our key Indirect Tax services. Under this, we offer services such as:

  • Submission of documents in case import is subject to investigation under SVB
  • Assistance and advisory in Investigation under SVB such as filing of submission justifying the relationship of importer & supplier
  • Representation before the Custom Authorities and Filing of Appeal with Custom Authority in case of Adverse Order

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