Legal Advisory

Legal Advisory Services in India

Legal Advisory Services in India

The complex business environment today and the rapid changes of business norms have led companies to be exposed to strict compliance needs and face new business challenges every day. The post-pandemic scenario has specially added to this, with the introduction of new norms and compliances. To keep up with the legal transformations each day, it is important to have legal advisory services that can assist with day-to-day activities.

MBG Corporate Services encompasses all aspects of the business under one umbrella and has an expert legal team that is well-versed with the legal issues and nuances that an organization might face. Our experts hold sufficient experience in handling issues related to legal compliances, due diligence and ensure that all compliance documents and internal policies are implemented in line with the provisions of the law. 

Brief idea of the gamut of legal advisory services provided by our Group:

  • Entity Management:

    Setting up or liquidating a business in India is a complicated process that requires expert guidance and support. To successfully navigate complex entity formation and dissolution procedures, in-depth understanding of legal and regulatory landscape is required.

    Our legal advisory team can help across different stages of entity management value chain with services that include: company formation services within India; company formation of a foreign entity within India, operational closure, and legal closure.

  • Investment Advisory:

    Before you begin your venture in a particular type of industry or geography, proper guidance is required from an industry expert. Our investment advisors can help you services such as: detailed sectorial research reports, the opening of a legal entity in India to hold assets and investments as well as advice on investing and setting up a business outside India.

  • Real Estate Legal Advisory:

    Real estate deals in a business are very crucial and for carrying out the business operations seamlessly. Our experts help in the *drafting of documentation as well as in the verification/valuation of assets. Our services here include: title due diligence of the property, carrying out property valuation, drafting, vetting, and registration of the lease deeds and agreements.

    *There are few agreements that mandatorily require registration under the provisions of Indian Registration Act, 1908. The Registrations entitles the below benefits:

  1. To ensure their admissibility under any court of law;

  2. Registered document prevents the property from being subject to fraud and misuse;

  3. The registered document provides information to the public at large who intends to deal with a particular property, as to the nature and extent of rights attached to the said property.

    We at MBG, provide complete handholding in assisting the clients in getting the agreement(s) registered upon procuring Special Power of Attorney in our favor to facilitate expeditious completion of tasks involved in registration.

  • Cross Border Transaction Advisory:

    Solutions within the cross-border advisory help form a seamless flow between the payee and transaction recipient based on a different nationality. It is generally a strenuous, expensive, and time taking process if not handled correctly. Our services include: tax due diligence, structuring an acquisition or disposition, tax modeling, vendor assistance, post-deal integration.

  • Counsel Assistance:

    Keeping pace of business in the current regulatory landscape is tough for general counsels. The strategies we involve are field-tested commercial strategies and a deep analysis of all legal aspects involved to ensure the best outcome. Within this, our experts’ multi-disciplinary approach ensures that remediation and legal documentation activities are seamlessly managed and carried out at an ease to the Client.

  • Corporate Secretarial Services:

    The administrative functions within a business that ensure good corporate governance, effective communication among stakeholders, and compliance with legislation and laws are known as corporate secretarial services. Our suite of services under this head includes market entry advisory & setting-up, ongoing and annual compliances, compliances for representative offices, FEMA compliance and advisory, closure/winding up of the business entities.

  • Legal Structuring:

    Legal structuring is one of the most important and basic steps before starting a business venture. It is also known as the business ownership structure and depending upon your requirement, you can choose between Companies, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, sole proprietorships, non-profits, and co-ops.

  • Contracts Management:

    A Contract creates responsibilities, conditions, manners, time limit, monetary issues, etc., so that every corner of the agreement is properly sealed, failing which may result in unforeseen losses or issues. The professional experts at MBG understands the administrative and regulatory hurdles in tracking and complying contracts that are faced in a business and assist clients in drafting every legal Contract by considering every aspect of law, rights, scope, liabilities & remedies to ensure that an agreement is not made in a stereotype and loose-ended manner and to minimize future litigations as far as possible.

    Our services under this head includes drafting and vetting of shareholders & share purchase/subscription agreements, Joint Venture (JV) agreements, business association/ partnership agreement, vetting of agreements/contracts, other operational and commercial agreements.

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Our Legal Advisory services include:

Trademark Registration in India

Legal Health Check

Entity Management

Investment Advisory

Real Estate Legal Services

Cross Border Transaction Advisory

Counsel Assistance

Corporate Secretarial Services

Legal Structuring

Contract Management Services

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