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GST Refunds

Intacting the Cash Flow Needs

Timely refund under GST is essential in these days since it facilitates trade through release of blocked funds for working capital, expansion and modernization of existing business. The claim and sanctioning procedure of GST refunds are time bound and cumbersome and hence it calls for help of professional services. Situations that leads to refund claims are:

• Export of goods or services;
• Supplies to SEZs units ;
• Deemed Export supplies;
• Refund of accumulated Input Tax Credit on account of inverted duty structure;
• Excess payment of taxes due to mistake.

GST Refunds is one of the services under our suite of GST Advisory Services. Here, our team of GST consultants or experts aims to give the clients guidance on various GST refund matters by performing a complete analysis of the transactions, apply for refunds and to streamline the refund sanctioning procedures.

What all we do under “GST Refunds” Service:

Setting our sights on GST refunds sanctioning in time for the clients, our team of GST consultants performs the below tasks and all our client need to do is, provide us the required data, sit back and just await receipt of the GST refund orders:-

  • Analysing the transactions and create working papers to support the GST refund amount to be claimed from department
  • Preparing complete documentation in order to file for refund under GST
  • Filing applications with the Jurisdictional tax Authority for refund under GST
  • Represent the client in front of proper officer and attend meetings for timely sanction of GST refunds

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