Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

Investment products are complex and need sophisticated analysis to determine whether they match your investment goals. Any business looking to invest in India will need guidance from experts in that sector. Success can only be guaranteed with a clear understanding of the Indian market and its regulations for the particular sector. MBG Corporate Services’ Investment Advisory Team blends global standards and capabilities with unmatched local expertise on sectoral analysis and research. Our team of experts can serve as a research analyst and an Investment Advisor on legal and regulatory aspects of investing and setting up a business in India.

We assist you by providing a detailed sectoral research report and also in opening of a legal entity in India to hold assets and investments as well as advise on investing and setting up a business outside India, considering the legal and regulatory aspects. You can leverage our expert input for obtaining approvals for your business activities from Government bodies and regulatory authorities. We also ensure that the relevant third parties that you engage, are regulated and genuine to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the risks involved when investing in India.

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