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    Risk Advisory Services

    Risk Advisory Services

    What is Business Risk Advisory?

    The issues that an organization may face during its set up, initial/current phase or in the future in terms of financial, operational, reputational, security & fraud exposure are known as the risks of business.

    To predict, resolve and eliminate such risks, it is important to create a practical business strategy that is effective in building the bridge between reality and vision, caution and opportunity. 

    A business risk advisory focuses on building and implementing strategies that stands up to the toil of daily business, increased competitiveness, cyber-attacks and sabotage.

    Why Risk Advisory is needed:

    Companies face many business risks which are a pervasive aspect and to address it adequately organization needs a team that offers adequate solutions. Businesses today are under constant pressure to create and balance the effectiveness of their organization’s processes. There is no room for any failure of execution or management that could lead to heavily impacting an organization.

    Risk advisory services help a business or an organization to capture and understand the risks it might face and minimize such risks.

    Why Choose Us?

    MBG is one of the few risk advisory firms in India with over 3000+ clients worldwide, offices in 17 locations covering Europe, Middle East and Asia. We are committed to understanding your organization, business processes, and sub-processes. Our understanding of your business with our global experience & industry-specific knowledge enables us to develop and advise according to the organization’s needs, add value to the business and empower you to move forward. We have more than two decades of rich experience and expertise that set us apart from other risk advisory firms.

    The risk consulting practice is focused on understanding the Client requirements & provide value proposition on engagements. The Service line is driven by the philosophy of outreach global & empowering local thereby serving International Clients duly factoring the nuances of the localized risk management framework.  

    With the changing external & internal environment, businesses are under constant pressure to maintain the effectiveness of their processes and controls. Any failure in executing or managing critical operations can impact the organization in the form of value & business interruptions. To combat this situation, we provide a full range of risk advisory services.

    We offer a one-step solution to our clients on risk consulting and specific business process needs. 

    Our Rationalized Risk Advisory Services at MBG Cover:

    • We identify and resolve the risks you face currently in your business, or may in the future
    • We demonstrate a strategic approach towards risk management, analysis and governance
    • We address your requirements and issues in ways that are specifically meant for your business needs
    • Report and evaluate risks so that you can reach a strategic conclusion for your business

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    What can we help you achieve?

    Stay one step ahead in a rapidly changing world and build a sustainable future with us.

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    Our Risk Advisory services include:

    Forensic & Dispute Resolution

    Operational Review

    Internal Audit

    Grant Utilization Review

    KRA and KPI Mapping

    Dealership Audit

    SOX Compliance and J-SOX Audit

    Accounting Reconciliations

    Fixed Asset Tagging and Verification

    Design & Evaluation- IFC / ICFR

    Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

    Business Cost Optimization

    Transaction Testing Services

    Supply Chain Management Services

    Organizational Restructuring

    Forensic & Dispute Resolution

    Corporate Governance

    SOP Implementation

    Risk Management Support

    Scrap Validation Services

    Anti Bribery & Corruption

    Forensic Technology Solutions

    Corporate Intelligence

    Fraud Risk Assessment

    White Collar Investigation

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