Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) can be a game-changer for any business. Especially, for businesses that could be stagnating or slowing down, the right business process re-engineering approach can perform miracles. BPR Management is a process of reimagining, rethinking, and redesigning the way work is performed to encourage the organization towards fulfilling its mission and achieve extraordinary results.

The Key Features of BPR are:

  • Defining business processes
  • Analyzing business processes
  • Identify and analyze improvement opportunities
  • Design future state processes
  • Develop future state changes
  • Implement future state changes

When do you require Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)?

 A BPR can be required in two major scenarios:

  • In a scenario where you or your organization has figured out some revolutionary transformations that could change the face of your business and help you lead the market. When you are not sure how to go about it, you require help from experts or Business Process Re-engineering Consultants, to help you through the process. The process is usually very difficult and requires help of BPR experts.
  • If you have realized that you/your organization is unable to keep up with the current dynamic changes of the market, technology, and business processes, you might require to do away with the issues that you might be facing currently in your business processes. This requires revamping the whole flow of operations to ensure that your business is not stagnated. In such a scenario, this is an important step to take. MBG Corporate has expert Business Process Re-engineering Consultants who can help you through this process seamlessly.

Why is Business re-engineering required and how does it benefit?

  • Proper Documentation: The purpose of the organizational goals should be defined clearly for any business to work hassle-free. These should be properly documented and charted out for an efficient operational flow. It is important to first clearly understand the state of business and then work around it towards the aspired goals. This requires an in-depth analysis and overall Business Re-engineering.
  • Streamlining Operations: Business Process Re-engineering helps in streamlining the entire operational procedure and leaves the business with only the relevant processes, and deleting all superfluous steps and processes.
  • Efficiency and Better Results: With redundancy being out of the question and a new transformed process in line, employees have a clear path to take and this leads to happier customers due to enhanced service deliverances. Also, better lines of communication make the business process management more resilient to market dynamics.
  • Maximum ROI: This is pretty much the result of all the above benefits. Once proper documentation of all goals takes place, with operations being streamlined and improved efficiency with the help of Process Re-engineering, the ROI is bound to increase.

How MBG can help you?

The global financial uncertainty has forced organizations to operate their business processes in an intensively complex & challenging environment. In such an environment the organizations must have the ability to navigate these challenges to deliver value to shareholders & stakeholders. We help organizations to take lead in adopting a new approach & to eliminate non-value-added Business processes/sub-processes.

Our services include:

  • Finance & Performance Management: An accurate financial information management is the basis of all financial analysis performed by Accountants. It determines the financial health of the company and gauges its performance. This is one of the most important components addressed by Business Re-engineering. Business Process Management/BPR Management in this segment helps plan a business management module and strategy. It integrates financial and performance matrices in all its departments to fulfill its specific business goals.
  • Business Transformation: MBG closely analyses your current operational processes and performs a detailed study to bring radical changes to your processes to meet its business goals. Using business transformation through BPR, we modernize and revamp your processes, incorporate new technology, integrate core systems and save overall business costs.
  • Supply Chain Assessment: The methods of reducing inventory by synchronizing supply chain processes are one of the major components of Business Process Management. Supply chain management essentially involves a methodology, implemented after comparative analysis, which through the implementation of Process Re-engineering provides a proper framework of how things should be. This helps ensure the proper flow of the processing in a supply chain.
  • Capital Project Consulting: Capital Project Consulting involves opportunities & uncertainties to which improper project management and execution along with programming loopholes can pose a threat. This requires a thorough insight and step-by-step process engineering which can be achieved with the help of BPR consultants who understand your business and guide you well.
  • Corporate Restructuring: As the name suggests, corporate restructuring is the action taken by an entity to modify its capital structure and operations. Once a company decides to do that, the realization that it might not be an easy task kicks in. this is where the work of a Business Process Management firm begins. At MBG, we take up the work of entire BPR management to help you ease the complexities you might face.

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