Real Estate Legal Services

Real Estate Legal Services in India

In India, companies need to be very cautious in their approach to handling the challenges of their real estate requirements. Planning and developing safe strategies has become crucial for protection of their interest.

At MBG, our real estate legal advisors can help in your real estate requirement with expert input in line with the applicable regulatory requirements.

We help in the drafting of documentation as well as in the verification of assets. Our service can be instrumental in creating a layer of trust in real estate deals as we ensure that your best interests are protected at all times.

We also provide an independent point of view to ensure that all regulatory and legal stipulations are strictly adhered to.

Our real estate legal services include:

  1. To carry out Title Due Diligence of the Land, the scope of work comprises of the following:

Detailed analysis of the documents pertaining to the Land:

  • Peruse the title deeds in original
  • Verification of documents to check the legality of the title of Land
  • Undertake searches in the offices of the jurisdictional sub-registrar of properties
  • Ascertain the type of ownership of Land (i.e. Freehold-or absolute)
  • Verify the mortgage/charge/encumbrances/lien over the Land
  • Verification of documents to check the charge created over Land:
  • Undertake searches of the records of the Registrar of Companies (RoC), if required
  • Review of documents/ actual position of Land to ascertain:
  • Right of perpetual lease;
  • Tenancy right
  • Allotment of land by Central / State Government
  • Status of Land in terms of actual possession
  • Status of illegal encroachment on the Land, if any
  • Compulsory acquisition of the Land by Government authorities, if any.
  1. Carrying out Property / Land Valuation
  1. Drafting of definitive agreements
  • Drafting and Vetting of Lease Deed/Agreements (residential and commercial)
  • Drafting and Vetting of Sale Deed/ Agreement
  • Registration of Sale Deed and Lease Deed/Agreement with the Registrar office
  1. Obtaining Regulatory Approvals
  • Obtaining approval for change of land use
  • Obtaining approval of Layout and building plan
  • Obtaining NOC from the Fire Department
  • Obtaining Environmental Clearances

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