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Channel Partner Search

Partner Search in M&A Transactions

Partner Search Service:

To survive in today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, organizations must deliver flexible and integrated solutions to customers and this, in all possibility can be achieved through collaborations, thereby implying the importance of Business Partnerships.

Partner Search in M&A:

Partner Search is an appealing strategy for organizations looking to expand their businesses. Although there might be various reasons such as expanding your business or getting established with an already flourishing business to combat costs, challenges & increased growth opportunities; Partner Search in M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) comes with a lot of complexity and requires time and resources during its initial negotiation and planning phase. 

How MBG helps in Partner Search in M&A Transactions | Methodology:

Based on the investor’s requirement, partner search would include compiling a list of Entities with their contact information, email, website, and other basic information in a specific industry or sector. Further, an identification of the correct partner is carried as the future success of the transaction would rely on the same.

We identify the potential companies based on their suitability for investors. We provide a list of investors with a list of companies that meet their requirements and help in addressing the inquiries of potential targets. We help you with Distributor Search, Investor Search, Importer Search, Manufacturer Search, Vendor Search, and JV Search for your business.

Our offerings under Partner Search in M&A:

  • List of Potential Targets: We offer a list of potential partners for your business that are ideal for you. These include a set of results for distributor search, investor search, importer search, manufacturer search, vendor search, and JV search
  • Basic Details of the Target: Every partner that we search for your business comes with a complete set of details such as:
    • Identifying potential Companies & assessing their suitability for investors
    • Performing potential distributor search, investor search, importer search, manufacturer search, vendor search, and JV search
    • Addressing the enquires of potential targets 
    • Provide the investor with a list of Companies that meet their requirements Portfolio, Services/ products offered, Management officials, 
    • Sectors Applicable
  • Financial Analysis Including Revenue/Cost Streams: We perform financial analysis for all our clients, ensuring that they find the right partner; one that is an ideal match on overall compatibility as well as in terms of their revenue/cost streams and financial standing.

Key Benefits of Using MBG’s Partner Search in M&A Services:

  • Find the best opportunity for the investment: Our Experts shortlist all the potential targets that are best suited to your business in terms of compatibility, liquidity, and goal of business. 
  • Time savings for the investor: Needless to say, with Expert Consultants doing all the work for you in finding the right business partner, a lot of time & energy can be saved that can be directed towards achieving business goals.
  • Better decision making: With expert consultation, the increased ability of decision.
  • Clarity of roles in the transaction: Clarity of roles and responsibility is important in every partnership. The expectations should be put forward while selecting a business partner to ensure nothing is missed out and every detail is correctly met. Experts ensure that they shortlist partners based on these expectations and help you in charting out the same.
  • Readiness for discussion with target: Just like any partnership, communication is key in business partnerships as well. Discussing goals, expectations, and how to reach those goals is of prime importance. Business partnerships should include members who are keen on achieving targets and are open to discuss every detail & challenge with a solution-centric approach.

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