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Technology Advisory: Frequently Asked Questions

Our Technology Risk Advisory service can help your business navigate the complex but vital world of technology risk management. Here are the answers to questions most commonly directed to our IT risk consultants.

What is technology advisory?

The aim of a technology advisory service is to help your business benefit from recent IT innovations by helping align your IT infrastructure with your business objectives. An emphasis is placed on risk management, ensuring that your business can enjoy the benefits of any investment in technology with risks minimized.

What can a technology advisory service do for my business?

A technology or IT advisory service helps your business assess the suitability of different technology strategies with the aim of moving your business forward. We also help our clients overcome IT-related hurdles. We can help you solve a wide range of issues and challenges related to IT strategy including compliance, cybersecurity, analytics, big data, automation, and AI.

What are the ultimate goals of IT advisory services?

The principal aim of technology consultancy is to optimize the use of IT to reach business goals. Our technology advisory services focus on achieving improved business performance through the introduction of IT strategies that will give your business a competitive advantage and drive profit, all while minimizing the risks introduced by using the latest innovations.

What specific IT advisory services do you offer?

At MBG, our multidisciplinary technology advisory service helps our clients with:

Why is technology risk management important?

Risk management is integral to our technology advisory services. This is because modern technology is so crucial to each and every business we work with. We believe it is vital to identify risks, and to manage or reduce them to safeguard against the unexpected. Leverage our risk management expertise to build business value and drive excellence.

What are the risks associated with technology in business?

There are various threats posed to an organization’s IT infrastructure. Our services help to identify possible risks caused by accidental damage and human error, or malicious damage (i.e., hacking, viruses, or other criminal activity). In addition, we explore the potential damage that could be caused if a technical failure occurred. These include scenarios like bugs, leaks, internet connection failure, or hardware failure.

How can we prevent risks to technology?

The best defense is always to be well-prepared. A technology advisory service will ensure that not only is your business using the optimal technology to match your business goals, but also that all potential risks are well-managed and minimized. We can advise you on how best to safeguard your IT assets.

What should a business do to become NESA- and PCI DSS-compliant?

NESA and PCI DSS regulations in the UAE ensure that businesses uphold excellent standards of cybersecurity. Our team of technology advisors can make a gap assessment report, identify vulnerabilities, and help to revise your existing frameworks to ensure full compliance with UAE law.

What steps should a business take to be fully data protection-compliant?

Nearly every business now stores large volumes of data, including the personal information of their customers and clients. The regulatory framework is frequently updated to ensure that businesses are adhering to the highest standards of data protection. As such, there are several laws and regulations that must be followed. Our technology advisory team can prepare a Data Protection Impact Assessment Report that identifies non-conformities and will advise on ways to ensure compliance.

What skills do technology consultants have?

Our technology advisory services team offers high levels of technical and analytical expertise gained from rigorous training and many years of collective experience. Our IT risk consultants also possess an eye for detail and a meticulous approach to their work. They are problem solvers and work to very high standards.

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