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With the onset of digital marketing, incidents of identity theft have been on the rise among growing businesses. This can severely disrupt the credibility of any organisation or brand. However, SME’s tend to often skip the tedious and time-consuming processes of obtaining Intellectual Property (IP) protection. This may risk key business aspects that may be unique and integral to the core business operations. It is, therefore, best that organisations proactively secure their IP protection in the early stages of business. Securing IP protection in the UAE may be a difficult endeavour for several upcoming companies.

MBG Corporate Services understands that the value of a business lies in its brand name and image. Our cross-functional team is equipped with the relevant technical, legal, accounting and tax experience in IP. We ensure that you receive the required legal support and guidance to gain a competitive advantage at affordable rates. We can help you organise your IP related assets within a product or process and further ease the complex legal procedures of obtaining protection of your IP. We assist in the registration of Trademarks and Patents both globally and in the UAE. Our services also cover Intellectual Property Dispute Advisory.

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