Family Trust Set up Advisory

Family Trust Set up Advisory

The family trust is a popular vehicle in estate planning as it offers not only tax advantage but also offers legal protection against creditors claim as well as protecting vulnerable beneficiaries who may make unwise spending decisions if they control assets in their own name. Family trusts may also provide tax benefits to enable the family group to manage the tax of the family unit. The type of trust you set up when creating your family trust will depend on your particular needs and objective

At MBG Corporate Services, our experts guide you through Family Trust setup process with advice on :

  • Setting up a family trust for a corporate holding structure and its tax, regulatory and corporate governance implications
  • Tax, regulatory, corporate governance and ESR implications of setting up a holding company in the UAE and wider GCC Region
  • Capital Gains implications in a Trust and Holding Company structure
  • Repatriation routes and their tax implications
  • Foreign tax credit and Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs)

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