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Technology Advisory

Transforming Your Business with the Right Technology Risk Advisory

Technology risk management is more important now than ever due to the major role modern technology plays in any company’s basic functioning. In today’s dynamic business environment, technology enables organisations to uncover new ways of building revenue streams at lower costs.

Our team of IT risk consultants can help your company keep up with the most recent technological innovations and align your business objectives and IT infrastructure. We also facilitate complex IT transformations, manage costs, as well as manage risks and compliance issues.

At MBG Corporate Services, we strive to enhance your business value and further drive excellence by leveraging our technology risk consultant expertise to your advantage. Our multidisciplinary techniques, cross-sector reach and global business capabilities enable us to utilise our breadth of experience in tackling challenges across a wide range of areas, including Intelligent Automation, Big data and Artificial Intelligence.

By crafting and implementing effective strategies for delivering innovative technology solutions, our technology consultants assist our clients in overcoming challenges and optimising IT performance in order to achieve their desired business results.

FAQs for Technology Advisory

Our Technology Advisory services include:

Cybersecurity Strategy

Data Protection & Privacy


Technology Assessments

Cloud Security Assurance

Cyber Governance

Cybersecurity Requlatory Compliance

Technical Assessment

Ransomware Defense

Email Security

Privacy Program

Data Protection Requlatory Compliance

Information Technology Assurance

ISO 27001 Compliance

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