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HR & Payroll Advisory Services

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Outsourcing is a leading trend in the ongoing evolution of Human Resources and payroll management. Outsourcing payroll administration and certain HR functions cuts costs and employee-related risks for organizations. It enables organizations to focus on core strategic and operational competencies. That includes ‘strategic HR’, i.e., small, high quality HR teams managing talent as a key strategic organizational asset without the day-to-day administrative burden. It also frees up time for their accounts departments to focus on core operational line activities. The case for outsourcing is also compelling from a legal and compliance standpoint. The fast pace of business today includes equally fast moving and complex labour legislation with stiff penalties for non-compliance. It requires specialists to handle this effectively and efficiently. Technology and tech expertise is another important and fast evolving element which specialists bring to the table, for example, with best-in-class Self-Service Portals (SSPs). HR and payroll specialists often provide all this more accurately and more efficiently than in-house organizational departments.
At MBG, our dedicated Payroll and HR Services team provides end-to-end support to your business across the HR & P spectrum. We employ a holistic multi-step approach customized for your business based on thorough research and analysis of the industry, market, company, and legal aspects and leading to the most appropriate practical and implementable solutions.

Our Payroll services include:

  • Payroll accounting, and accompanying coordination with financial accounting (ERP)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Reporting monthly payroll, pay-slips, payroll journal, YTD reports, payroll variation reports
  • Payroll bank file as per wage protection system (WPS) where applicable
  • Payroll support services including employee benefits such as gratuity, other end of service benefits (EOSB), annual leave encashment, loans and salary advance
  • Payroll support for expense management and re-imbursements
  • Preparation of post payroll statutory reports such as for UAE and GCC Pension
  • Assistance with
    • Filing and compliance for social security obligations (Employer and Employee shares)
    • Withholdings Tax deductions and compliance
    • Social security refunds wherever possible
  • Documentation support for payroll and HR external and internal audits


Our HR services include:

  • HR advisory and best practice/ standard operating procedure (SOP) drafting, knowledge sharing, support with HRMS setup with the latest and most appropriate in-market software
  • Employment offer letters and contracts for new hires, promotions, transfers, etc.
  • Maintaining and archival of employees’ personal records, letters, training records amongst other related elements along with SSP Portal support/ assistance
  • Tracking employee annual leave, air ticket, passport, and visa expiry
  • F&F processing


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