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Legal Compliance

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Companies in the UAE must complete certain compliances to ensure corporate governance regulations are being followed. This due process is essential for them to function smoothly and be accountable for the transparent, lawful and ethical conduct of their business. Businesses in the UAE must be cognizant of these and comply fully, or else they face penalties and sanctions.

The increase in international regulatory compliances applicable in the UAE makes it challenging for companies to keep track of multiple deadlines amid the many operational demands on their time.

A few key regulatory compliances include:

  • Country by Country Reporting (CbCR)
  • Common Reporting Standards (“CSR”)
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FACTA”)
  • Economic Substance Regulation (“ESR”)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Regulation (“AML”)
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner Regulation (“UBO”)
  • Corporate Governance of the respective jurisdiction (e.g., Mainland – Commercial Companies Regulation, DIFC Laws and ADGM Laws)

At MBG, our team of experts enable you to focus on your business by ensuring your compliance needs are met fully and quickly with:

    • Regular updates on latest regulations
    • Ensuring businesses are accordingly conducted as per new laws and regulation
    • Real time tracking of all deadlines
    • Submission of the required filings

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