Electrical Tariff Incentive Program

Electrical Tariff Incentive Program

The Electrical Tariff Incentive Program (ETIP) was established by the Department of Economic Development to enhance Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a preferred location for industrial projects and boost both the economic impact of the industrial sector and the efficiency of energy use in the Emirate.

The ETIP offers discounted electricity tariffs to manufacturers with an active industrial license in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi who fulfil the following criteria:

  • Economic Impact (40% weight), comprising
    • Investment in Abu Dhabi
    • Emiratization
    • Expatriate contribution
  • Productivity (X% weight)
    • A measure of Value Add (= Output minus Input value) per worker
  • Connectivity Load (Y% weight)
    • Minimum of 5MW in ADDC/AADC Site Power Connection detail form

The applicant company is assigned a ‘Balanced Score Card’. This is a composite weighted score across the three criteria. Companies need a minimum score of 50 to be eligible for discounted tariff. For eligible companies, there are three tariff slabs for scores of 50-59, 60-80 and > 80 respectively. The auditing process for the scoring is done by a panel of select certifying bodies
Eligible companies reap the benefit of lower electricity tariff, a critical input for any manufacturer, and thereby of lower operating costs and improved financial result.
As a top DED-empaneled certifying body for the ETIP, MBG Corporate Services helps you obtain your ETIP certificate with expert guidance and skill. Our consultants have experience and in depth insider knowledge of ETIP execution across various manufacturing industries.

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