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Legal Policies and Procedures

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Framing comprehensive policies that define organisational roles and duties

Legal Policies and Procedures detail, in a comprehensive manner, the appropriate actions, procedures and decisions that an organisation should adopt to tackle everyday tasks and specific circumstances that they may face during their operations. They form the constitution of an organisation and ensure that the perspectives of the governing body on all matters relating to the stakeholders are translated to desirable outcomes.

Policies and Procedures can address the various concerns of the Board of Directors, officers, subsidiaries, controlled and non-controlled affiliates and third parties such as consultants, agents, sales representatives and independent contractors. Policies like the Privacy Policy, Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy and Vendor Management Policy detail the necessary steps required to gather, use and efficiently manage confidential information about the company and/or its customers. Companies must strictly adhere to these rules when it comes to gathering and using confidential consumer information or sharing customer or company-related data with third-party and fourth-party vendors.

Similarly, HR Policies offer clarity on responsible business behaviour that is expected of employees while working in the organisation. The management can easily refer to these policies to impose discipline across the verticals of their organisation.

Apart from HR policies pertaining to employee protocols, we also help you prepare Management Policies to ensure that the rules, duties and responsibilities of the management are well defined. This is to ensure that the company protocols are adhered to, in matters related to implementing changes or accepting bids on contracts, or refraining from making certain business decisions in which the management might hold vested interests and other such rules that enable the company to grow in a structured manner.

Laws have also mandated the need for a concrete framework which will prevent or minimise the risk of illicit activities within the company. The Anti-Money Laundering Policy, for instance, seeks to prevent acts of money laundering within the organisation. The Intellectual Property (IP) Policy offers protection on the ownership, control and transfer of the IP created and owned by the company. This includes the website terms and conditions, reserving of rights and similar policies.

There are also Policies and Procedures that protect the well-being of employees within an organisation. These are mandated by law and seek to mitigate the risks to health and safety of employees working in any industry. In addition to these HR Policies, our experts at MBG Corporate Services also specialise in helping your company draft post-COVID Friendly Safety Policies that ensure that the rules and responsibilities of the company are being followed by employees, service providers, operators, executives, engineers and other parties that are associated with your organisation. This includes rules that keep a check on whether the Government-stipulated distance is maintained between workers in the company as well as other health precautions that need to be adopted.

Our services ensure that these policies are aligned with your business objectives and that all concerned parties are familiar with the detailed policies and procedures concerning their role in the organisation.

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